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What an invaluable skill to master to understand what the purpose of our life is and where we should go in our life.

In a world so full of unanswered questions and unquestioned answers, I have always astonished by people who masters the skill of asking the "right" questions and therefore finding the "right" answers. What an invaluable skill to master to understand what the purpose of our life is and where we should go in our life.

I'm grateful that as my life goes by I also get to learn from my mistakes, my stupiditoes, my shortcomings, and find out questions and answers that actually matters for my life and my quest for vision of life, while at the same time learning from people who have to some extent learned much more than I have from life. I learn to distinguish what things should be important to my life and what should be placed lower on my priority list.


In a world where people tend to take things for granted and not have difficulties in just accept things as it is, I am grateful that I have learned the art of questioning everything, even though I have nowhere near in mastering that art. I have learned that it is the unending desire to ask that actually keeps me sane and alive as a human. Questions that make me want to stay alive just so maybe I can get some sort of answers. Questions that may sound silly yet endlessly demand for an answer. Questions I may not realize their value yet for now, only for them to reveal their meanings in the future.

I am thankful I can learn how to question from the bright intellectuals who asks brilliant questions. I am even more thankful that I can learn how to question from young children. Yes, young children: the firsts of philosophers among human beings. It is kids who throw out questions at will, including questions that may cause us adults to laugh. Little do we know how unique and challenging their questions are, probably because as life with its bitterness goes by we have come to forget how fun it is to ask about anything.

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In a world full of people demanding quick instant answers to difficult questions, I am grateful that I have learned to accept that some questions need long, grinding process to get even the easiest answers in the first place, and some may not be answered at all in my lifetime. I have learned to accept that I will never know everything, yet still hopeful for the answers to come in the most appropriate time possible. I have also learned to realize that life is a long road of seeking never-finished answers to never-ending questions. That patience is indeed a virtue and perseverance as it is best friend for a fruitful life.


Therefore, I would like to take this time to repent for a lot of times when I was having the wrong kind of doubt about life; the doubt that keeps me from living my life and contributing for the betterment of society. The kind of doubt that cultivates selfishness and arrogance.

I would like to ask for humility to actually work collectively with people from different backgrounds as I grow, to learn from everybody without any kind of arrogant presuppositions, to continue finding the right questions and answers, and to build fruitful life together for the cause of responsible humanity.

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I would also like to ask for wisdom to build healthy, complimentary relationships with my surroundings as we are all on the same journey of finding answers to important questions in our life.

And finally, while continuing my life, I just want to hope that I can see the answers in the most appropriate time, while I am still alive, hopefully. Ah well, we all can hope, can’t we?

May I learn to accept whatever answers (or not-the-answers) revealed with humility to accept and with the faith that everything is under control.


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